This video will run you through using my Photoshop Actions.

For anyone who is new to photoshop actions, this is for you!

Please be aware...

Actions have been created in CC2019.

They will work in versions of photoshop CS6 and above.

Actions ARE NOT presets. These are .atn files.  Some digital sellers are advertising their Lightroom and Camera Raw presets as actions. They are .xmp files and ARE NOT Actions.  Just because they work in Camera Raw does not mean they are photoshop actions. Camera Raw is nearly identical to Lightroom. It does not allow layers, opacity changes or masking.

Photoshop is altogether different from Lightroom and Camera Raw and FAR more flexible.  Actions save all the layers and enable flexibility in your edit.

The below video will demonstrate how to edit an image using my mini set actions.  This will apply to all my mini sets and most of my bigger sets of actions too!

TIP!... If you already know how to load photoshop actions into PS, then skip forward the video to 2:55min. ( Then you can miss the boring stuff! )