JPEG Overlays sometimes have a Black Background, unlike most .png files, which have a transparent background.

  • You will need to use your Blending Modes in photoshop for the JPEG Overlays to work. 
  • Blending Modes are fantastic tools that change the way the layer interacts with the layers below it. 
  • If you are struggling with using my JPEG Overlays, like the sun flares or glitter, and can't work out how to get rid of the black background, there is a very simple solution!  Yay!
  • The blending mode needs to be changed to SCREEN! Voila!  All the black disappears! 
  • You can transform your overlay now, to fit and suit your image.

Sometimes an overlay works better when it is on a black background. For example, it needs to glow or have a see through effect. And sometimes it is very difficult to see what the overlay is without a black background! ( Especially when it is a white wing or light flare! ) 

Video Tutorial