How To Add Animated Fairy Wings to your Images.

Creating Animated Gif Images with Faery wings are such a sweet addition to your online work.

But they can be somewhat tricky to work out if you are not familiar with photoshop.

I do not recommend these for beginner photoshop users.  However, I do encourage you to watch the video and learn!  I want all my customers to feel they can give something a go, even if they are just starting out.  That said, these are a bit tricky to get just right, so watch the video, follow the instructions and you should be ok!

There are two videos to watch.

The first shows you how to create the Gif wing animation. 

The second, ( just below the first ), will show you how to add a shadow to your wings to make them look more realistic.

Written instructions are also below the videos.

VIDEO - 24 Min.

How To Add A Background Shadow To the Animated Wings - 4m

 Written Instructions