Textures are a fabulous way of adding colour, depth and interest to your photography. 

I create my textures with photographers in mind.  So you will often find they have more depth towards the edges and less towards the middle. ( Assuming we mostly centralise our main subjects. )  I find they work best as backdrops or at a lower opacity when used on portraits and they can go full on with nature images.

How To Add Them.

  • First, start by loading your image into Adobe Photoshop and make sure you are editing in high resolution. eg. 240 - 300dpi.
  • Place your first texture file (File –> Place –> Choose Texture File). 
  • Transform the texture to fit your image. ( I have more details regarding using the Transform tool in the Help Centre if you are looking for help with it. )
  • Adjust the blending mode. I often use multiply, screen, lighten, or overlay. Adjust the opacity and add a layer mask.
  • Use the layer mask to remove a bit of the Texture from your main subject with a black brush on a white background.
  • Flatten and save your finished work.