The video tutorials below will cover my fairy wings overlays AND my Angel wing overlays.

I believe all my customers should have access to help with adding wing overlays. They are sometimes quite tricky to get looking just right!  The videos will teach you how to add wing overlays to your images, with perspective being a key element.

All my wings are presented as one side only.  This gives you much more flexibility when manipulating them to suit your image.  Wings are never ever sitting straight on when you observe the way real fairy wings sit on a child. Sometimes you may not even see the back one at all!  The below video will show you how to add the wings in a realistic way.

There are five videos to watch.

1. Wings have one side for flexibility.

2. How to add fairy wings.

3. How to add angel wings.

4. How to cut your main subject out.

5. How to blend in your wing overlays.

Video Tutorial - Wings Come as One Side Only. ( For greater flexibility. )

Video Tutorial - How To Add Fairy Wing Overlays.

Video Tutorial - How To Add Angel Wing Overlays.


Video Tutorial - How To Cut Out Your Main Subject.

Video Tutorial - Blending Fairy Wing Overlays.