How To Resize Files In Cricut

Below is a quick video on how to resize the PNG fairy wings in Cricut Design Space.  This is the software which is used with the Cricut machine.

My files are big enough for you to create adult sized fairy wings.  You will need a 12 inch x 24 inch cricut cutting board to make them.

I would recommend that you use a thicker material, like strong cardboard or balsa wood. You want your wings to be sturdy and to last!  Also, adding wire to the top and base veins is a must. If you are having trouble with cutting, You Tube has some fabulous tutorials on using Cricut machines. You can also use these PNG files on any other machine whose software accepts PNG files, like Janome Brand etc.

The amazing artist Fancy Fairy Angela also offers a fabulous tutorial on You Tube sharing how to cut and assemble your wings!  The video can be watched HERE.