How to Resize your images in Photoshop

If you are using my actions and the base stops midway, it may be because you have used a low resolution image.

Or you have accidentally photographed your entire session in 72 dpi and you know you cannot print the images for your client!

It is always best practice to photograph in the highest possible resolution. Camera RAW is perfect, but if you can't do raw, then the biggest size jpeg. 

Why? Because you can alway resize down in photoshop or elements and it will not affect the image.

But you cannot resize up without losing some of the detail. Even if you only intend to work with images for social media, you would still want to take high resolution images. You can never print low res images. ( Or at the most, 7x5 without the pixelation setting in. )

This video will show you how to resize your images in photoshop. The same will apply to Photoshop Elements.